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A scanner lightly

A scanner lightly 

When they were first introduced, document scanners were relatively large devices that took up quite a bit of desktop real estate. Office desks were already crowded with computers and printers, and adding another device to the mix left many pressed for work space. Realizing this, Canon’s imageFORMULA Scan-tini P-208II and P-215II portable personal document scanners were created to help alleviate these space woes and allow for documents to be scanned from anywhere. The devices are also designed to work with the WU-10 Wi-Fi accessory, allowing for a completely wireless operation.

The appropriately-named Scan-tinis are thin, lightweight devices that can easily fit into any briefcase or laptop bag. Unlike larger scanners, the Scan-tinis do not require users to get entangled with several cables or wires in order to get it to function. This P-208II operates with a single high-speed USB 2.0 cable connection, while the P-215II is high-speed USB 3.0 compatible. Both are ready to be used once plugged in.

Despite their size, the Scan-tinis have many of the same capabilities of a larger scanner. The P-215II features a one-pass duplex scanning that enables it to scan both sides of a document simultaneously, colour and black-and-white scanning options, and the ability to scan a variety of printed media. The device also has a dedicated card reader, and can handle paper of any thickness, in addition to plastic and embossed documents.

Although the P-208II is not equipped with the one-pass duplex scanning and card reader options, it does allow for plastic embossed cards to be fed through the standard document reader.

Aside from their basic scanning abilities, the Scan-tinis are also able to improve the legible quality of certain hard-to-capture documents through optical character recognition (OCR). When used to scan photographs, the devices optimize the scan quality with their auto resolution settings for high-quality on-screen results.

On the technical side, the P-215II can scan up to 15 black-and-white or colour pages per minute, while the P-208II can handle up to eight. Both have a maximum output resolution of 600 dpi, and consume just 2.5 W of power. For energy-conscious users, the devices are Energy Star-compliant and consume only 1.5 W when their energy-saving mode is activated. Weighing in at just 1.3 lbs, the P-208II has dimensions of 1.5’’ x 12.3’’ x 2.2’’ with its trays closed. The P-215II weighs 2.2 lbs and has dimensions of 1.6’’ x 11.2’’ x 3.7’’.

Compatible with various operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS, these small devices have an equally small price. The P-208II retails for around $159.99, while the P-215II retails for $332.99. Both are welcome additions for businesspeople on the go.

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