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A quality partnership

A quality partnership 

It’s not uncommon for businesses to have a dedicated video section on their corporate website or even an official YouTube channel where they might post behind-the-scenes investigations, executive interviews or news about new products or developments. This is an effective means of developing a good rapport with the audience.

One of the specialties of Montreal-based Vantrix, a media delivery service provider, is mobile video production. The company has formed a partnership with operational intelligence provider Splunk Inc. to ensure that its mobile videos are high-quality and free of streaming issues.

“We are focused on solutions related to the delivery of mobile video experiences to a subscriber base,” explains Mark Hopper, vice president of product management for Vantrix. “We help to improve the user’s experience within the network (using) the most efficient infrastructure. We have a whole portfolio of media processing, delivery and optimization that we go to market with.”

Over the past five years, Vantrix has added mobile video to their arsenal in an attempt to “help mobile operators leverage their assets most effectively to deliver over-the-top video across their network, and essentially help improve user experience,” Hopper says.

“As part of that solution, we sit in the path of all the mobile data traffic that flows from the Internet out into the mobile network as users watch YouTube, download Facebook, and so on.”

To help improve the mobile video streaming experience for users, Vantrix also collects information about user sessions and store it efficiently, which led to the partnership with Splunk. Vantrix then implemented Splunk’s Hunk data analytics platform to simplify and expedite the analysis of user data.

“We wanted the ability to capture the information and begin to explore the value of it with our prospects and our customers,” says Hopper. “We took the Splunk technology to the next level by using Hunk. We placed that on top of our system and began recording large amounts of customer data.”

Designed to be Hadoop and NoSQL-compliant, Hunk provides enterprises with the ability to detect trends and hash out anomalies across large quantities of data. It works in real time to accelerate reporting and provide visual representations of the analysis process.

“Vantrix is one of many examples that show how our Hunk product is able to work with Hadoop and its ecosystem,” says Clint Sharp, director of product management for Big Data and Operational Intelligence for Splunk. “Our Splunk Enterprise Engine is a Big Data engine in itself. We have customers that ingest and analyze over 400 TB of data per day with petabytes of data at rest.”

Going forward, Vantrix will continue to use the Hunk system to get a better understanding of user behaviour towards their mobile video presentations. The data collected and stored through Hunk will allow them to improve their methods of audience interaction and resolve any issues discovered along the way.

Splunk plans to continue their development of data analytics solutions for their enterprise customers, in addition to exploring the opportunity to invest in the cloud.

“We will be looking to expand our product portfolio in all of our major market groups,” Sharp says. “The majority of our business today lies in the IT and security market segments, with business analytics and the Internet of Things emerging. We are also investing heavily in the cloud as an emerging trend.”

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