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A piece of the Pi

A piece of the Pi 

Designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind, the new extended version of ZEISS’ PiWeb sbs data management software hopes to simplify this practice by combining all products used across a network into a single reporting system that can be personalized based on the situation.

Up to 10 GB of data can be stored on PiWeb sbs, and the data can be accessed from any location through the product’s client-server architecture. The server is easy to implement, allowing SMBs to focus on their production processes.

PiWeb sbs also provides part quality analysis through an enhanced graphical representation of the measured parts. The graphical interfaces used include part stories, SPC charts and quality documents. Users can create customized graphical interfaces to provide additional support with the extraction of data from manual gauges or visual inspection parameters.

Data can also be examined in 3D through included CAD capabilities, which allows for the examination of point cloud data from optical measurement systems on any laptop computer.

The system also helps to reduce labour costs by automating and simplifying the creation of many time-consuming quality documents and inspection process control forms.

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