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A new social media platform that promotes privacy

A new social media platform that promotes privacy 

The study suggests that it does not matter how many followers or friends you have online, the average person has only four real friends. With this in mind a new social media platform was launched today called Just10.

Just10 is an ad-free private social media network just for you and your 10 closest friends. In this day when everything you post online can come back to haunt you, Just10 is being billed as a social network that protects users from having damaging and detrimental posts remain online by ensuring that all data disappears after 10 days.  But it does not end there; privacy is taken to a whole new level with this platform by not allowing its members data to become public or searchable.

Another unique feature is the way you can express yourself. Just10 offers more than the typical “Like” button that we have become accustomed to on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It also provides users with Meactions, a commenting tool that has a range of icons to express emotions and responses. But unlike the other social networks, users can also upload their own facial pictures that provide a truly more expressive and personalized touch.

“We felt that it was impossible for people to freely express themselves if everyone in the world is watching and judging,” said Frederick Ghahramani, Founder of Just10 Inc.

Ghahramani, who over the past decade has built and invested in start-ups that have generated billions in product sales, is also a father, and is mindful of the day his own kids will be online. He went on to add, “I don’t want my kids’ futures undone by something stupid they might say in the heat of the moment. And I want them to have a safe space online where they can freely express their ideas and opinions, without fear of being profiled and tracked by advertisers looking to exploit their data, hiring managers looking to profile their personalities, or even jealous exes.”

As security breaches continue to be exposed in many industries around us, the concern of privacy at the same time is growing. This new media platform is designed with that concern in mind for those that value privacy, including parents who don’t want to put their children at risk, job seekers, business people, politicians, celebrities, and anyone else who might find that expressing a personal opinion or posting a picture could come back to haunt them. It also safeguards those that are worried that their personal data can be used by criminals to exploit them.

Click below to see their funny promotional video called “Some things SHOULD be private.”

 Just10 is available for everyone and you can get it on your mobile devices from the Apple App Store, Google Play and BlackBerry World. You can sign up online as well at

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