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A must-read for the partner community

A must-read for the partner community 

She’ll be discussing how the changing partner landscape is adapting to customer needs, and de Hertogh will also talk about how technology companies can stay relevant. We’ll be featuring a three-part series of de Hertogh’s articles.

The first article, which you can see here, focuses on the change in how customers interact with partners. Social media has played a significant role in this process, de Hertogh explains. Customers have formed communities on social media platforms, and they’ve come to rely on each other for advice in making decisions about buying technology. In addition to their social media savvy, de Hertogh asserts customers are no longer content with pre-packaged solutions. They want a solution that will fit the way they do business.

In part II of the series, de Hertogh explores the changing partner landscape. The second article talks about the transformation of partner business models – they now combine traditional selling with marketing cloud-based solutions. The article also offers examples of how technology companies are engaging with partners as a result of these changes.

Part III of the series details how marketing must adapt to the shifting partner environment. Now that customers have begun to engage with the marketing department before the sales department, marketers will take a more prominent role in the customer engagement process. This means that the marketing department must be involved at the beginning of developing solutions, not at the end simply to generate leads. In the final part of the series, de Hertogh discusses how joint marketing with partners leads to customer engagement and co-developed solutions that match customer needs and leads to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

We hope that these articles stimulate thought and discussion, and we will continue to bring you more thought leadership like de Hertogh’s.

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