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A majority of organizations are not confident about their security stance

A majority of organizations are not confident about their security stance 

This report which examines threat intelligence and cybersecurity trends reveals that only 45 per cent of organizations globally are confident in their security stance to guard against today’s attackers. While business leaders are increasing measures to secure their organizations many are still uncertain about their security strength. 

The report went on to talk about the challenges that businesses face due to the rapid advancement of attacks. As attacks continue to evolve, the ability to detect, mitigate and recover from cyber-attacks continues to spiral out of control. Adding to these challenges, an aging infrastructure and out-dated organizational structure are posing even greater risk on these organizations. 

The study trumpets a worldwide call-to-arms for a greater collaboration and investment in processes, technologies and people to protect against adversaries. 

The 2016 report reveals findings that pose a number of challenges. In the area of aging infrastructure, between 2014 and 2015 there was a drop of 10 per cent of organizations that said that their security infrastructure was up-to-date. The survey discovered that 92 per cent of Internet devices are running on known vulnerabilities while 31 per cent of all devices examined are no longer supported by the vendor. 

Another finding points to the fact that SMBs are now being seen as a potential weak link. As enterprises examine closely their supply chain, they are finding that these small businesses use fewer defense tools and processes. 

The report also reveals that there is a shift in server activity. Cyber criminals have shifted to compromised servers, such as WordPress to support their attacks. From February to October 2015, the number of WordPress domains used by online criminals grew by a staggering 221 per cent. 

On a positive note the estimated time for detection of cybercrime has significantly reduced since 2015 from 46 to 17.5 hours. By shrinking this detection time many organisations have minimize cyberattack damage, lower risks and improve service to customers. 

For a complete copy of this report and to learn about Cisco’s recommendations as to what businesses can do to mitigate against risk, click here.


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