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A “federation” for the software-defined enterprise

A “federation” for the software-defined enterprise 

The goal is to combine their technologies when needed by the customer while also remaining separate to pursue their own business strategies. In a sense, the Federation wishes to encourage both collaboration and competition amongst themselves.

And each company has something different to bring to the table.

“Pivotal is closest to the application layer, VMware is focused on the software-defined data centre, and EMC II is about converged infrastructure,” said Jeremy Burton, president, Products and Marketing, EMC. “RSA, from an advanced security standpoint, we see playing out on a number of levels.”

Through the Federation, customers can combine the offerings of different members, or take advantage of each independently. In some cases, customers may find they have a choice between two companies that offer similar solutions, which is part and parcel of the competition the Federation wishes to foster.

The Federation, in essence, is geared toward helping customers move to the third platform and build a software-defined enterprise.

The companies are pulling together solutions, which they have dubbed EVP (EMC, VMware, Pivotal) solutions, that will address five areas that enable the software-defined enterprise.

These areas include the software-defined data centre, platform-as-a-service, the virtual workspace, the data lake, and security analytics. Each area will incorporate at least one of the Federation partners’ offerings, although most will incorporate two or more.

“If we can architect or organize around natural seams in infrastructure, we can give customers a degree of choice in how they build out their IT infrastructure,” said Burton.

He noted that technology is not the defining indicator of success, adding: “We’re [also] working on a Federation consulting centre of excellence, where we can work with organizations up front and help them through the couple-year stretch of moving to the third platform.”

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