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A brush with the future

A brush with the future 

The latest version of Corel Painter, Corel Painter 2016, features a slew of enhancements that build upon and extend beyond its predecessors.

“Part of what makes Corel Painter so powerful is our incredible community of artists who love the program as much as we do,” said Corel Product Manager, Chris Pierce. “With their feedback, we’ve created the most stable, powerful and innovative version of Painter to date.”

Leading the charge of new features is the addition of 131 new brushes. While this number can seem daunting, Corel has included new Brush Hints to provide users with context-sensitive brush tips.

Other notable features include Audio Expression. When users play music, brushes will adapt their size, angle and color variability to suit the sound.

Available in five different languages, Painter 2016 will retail in full for $429 USD. Existing users can upgrade to the latest version for $229.

It’s no secret that digital painting is reshaping the artistic experience. With technology evolving daily, it seems that no industry or hobby will go unaffected. 

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