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A 34-foot screen, iCloud breach and Voice calls on Duo

A 34-foot screen, iCloud breach and Voice calls on Duo 

Show Notes

iCloud breach

The Turkish Crime Family, a group of hackers has claimed that they have the credentials of 250 million iCloud accounts and have threatened to reset the passwords on those iCloud accounts and remotely wipe iPhones if Apple doesn’t pay a ransom by April 7.

Apple denied that its system was breached and in a statement said, “The alleged list of email addresses and passwords appears to have been obtained from previously compromised third-party services.”

It appears that Apple is right. Learn more by listening to the show.


  • Change your password – use password generator like
  • Enable 2-factor authentication

34-foot Screen

Samsung is known for bright, vibrant TV screens that are getting bigger and bigger. It recently announced its 34-foot Cinema Screen – HDR LED theater display.

Samsung is positioning this as the new movie theater screen, banking on the fact that since we’ve become so accustomed to the high-quality displays at home – so there is a market on the big screen. This screen is 10 times brighter than what we have today. 

Voice calls on Duo

Google’s Duo, an app for making video calls was released last year to compete directly with Face Time. Google has since been replacing its Hangouts app with Duo on Android OS making it the mandatory video calling app. 

Now they have added a new feature – voice calls – which is available worldwide. You can get Google Duo from the Google Play Store and on your iPhone.

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