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5 Things Online Retailers Must Do Now to Enjoy Nonstop Sales on Black Friday

5 Things Online Retailers Must Do Now to Enjoy Nonstop Sales on Black Friday 

1. Review Previous Year’s Sale Performance and Predict This Year’s Consumption 

Study all the performance trends from the previous year’s sale season including the number of transactions processed per second, the disk response time, the number of batch requests coming in every second, the throughput, the application responsiveness, and the CPU and memory usage. Based on these insights, estimate your expected load on Black Friday and evaluate your existing hardware to check if it can handle the expected volume of traffic. Load test your servers by simulating the point-of-sale transactions and based on the test results, adjust your existing hardware to accommodate unexpected traffic spikes smoothly.

2. Access your Failover Mechanism and Test Your DR Server

Have a backup strategy in place along with a redundant copy of data safely stored in a data center on an external device and make sure the backup can be quickly restored following a disaster. Conduct a dry run to test the efficacy of your restoration procedure. Testing your system for disaster recovery will help you ensure that your system doesn’t get caught up in the high traffic tides of the holiday season and crash. Where possible, move to active/active operations so that operations can continue uninterrupted, even during and after a disaster.

3. Evaluate your Database Performance

If you want to stay up and accessible every single second on the biggest shopping day of the year, pay close attention to your database performance. The database is the key component of your website’s stability, speed, and performance so if you want to ensure a seamless shopping experience, deploy database load balancing software to improve application uptime and performance in a database environment. A load balancer will let you split up the incoming read requests across all database servers, and it supports caching to boost application performance. In a nutshell, database load balancing software will enable fast performance and 100% uptime even on a Black Friday Sale.

4. Make Sure your Apps Scale On Demand

Scalability is the most important factor for an eCommerce app that allows shoppers to order anything at anytime from anywhere. The concept of on-demand is built on mobility and convenience but when a web app is subjected to too much traffic, the app may run out of resources that are keeping pace with growing sales. Until and unless you figure out what is limiting your app performance (CPU, memory, disk I/O, network I/O, database throughput) and fix the issue, no one can help you scale it. Fortunately, a load balancer has you covered. Database load balancing software is one of the best investments you can make – it enables eCommerce companies to deliver 100% uptime, scale to accommodate sudden spikes in shopping demands, and deploy security patches to avoid downtime. A load balancer deploys transparently between the app the database to ensure app continuity through Black Friday and all year round.

5. Perform Connection Pooling to Handle Traffic During Seasonal Peaks

To ensure that your database server efficiently handles the estimated number of requests even during traffic spikes and accommodates any amount of transactions, your database needs to be configured to sail smoothly through database and hardware failures. Connection pooling and multiplexing let you reuse your existing connections and simultaneously multiplex several connections into a few. The software can also augment database performance by offloading authentication from the primary database server.

If you want your sales to grow with every shopping season, tap into the power of database load balancing software. With database load balancing software you won’t have to worry even if you get 10X traffic tomorrow. Deploying database load balancing software is the ultimate backup plan that will keep you covered against downtime, overloading, crashing, inefficient coding, and slowdown. It is everything you can possibly do to ensure a seamless shopping experience this Black Friday.

Tony BransonAbout the author: A self-proclaimed tech geek, with a passion for ScaleArc’s disruptive technology innovation in database load balancing. Tony has a passion for dissecting tech topics such as transparent failover, centralized control, ACID compliance, database scalability and downtime effects. On his days off, he can be found watching sci-fi movies, rock climbing or volunteering.

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