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4imprint publishes blue paper about Pinterest

4imprint publishes blue paper about Pinterest 

The paper outlines what Pinterest exactly is, to benefit for those who are unfamiliar with social networking, and explains how effectively SMBs can use it as a marketing tool. The paper also outlines how firms like IKEA, L’Oreal and Sony have used the platform to successfully market their products, to inspire and offer insight into practical steps for SMBs. Lastly, the paper explains how multi-channel marketing campaign can use Pinterest to widen their base and measure if it yields positive results.

It appears that Pinterest is ideal for food sector, interior-design and fashion because it is primarily a visual-based platform. The blue paper emphatically differentiates Pinterest from Facebook and Twitter and it also claims that the Pinterest users globally are growing in number, the reason given being potential audience for business.

“Pinterest draws traffic to websites, offers insight into customers’ tastes and best of all is proven to inspire future purchases,” stated Cheryl Jackson-Leafield, Marketing Manager of 4imprint UK and Ireland, in a press release. “Since the site is rapidly growing in popularity the opportunities to build brand awareness among a wider audience and to attract new customers are considerable,” she added.

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