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3 big benefits mobile solutions deliver to businesses

3 big benefits mobile solutions deliver to businesses 

The most popular form of business consumerization has been in the form of integrated mobile solutions. There’s an obvious reason for this—mobile solutions offer a convenient, intuitive, and efficient means of completing all sorts of workplace tasks. Not only that, but the ease of use that consumer-grade tools provide means that these tasks are conducted more accurately and effectively.

As a result, businesses are increasingly taking plunge to adopt mobile tools for their employees. A 2015 report from Citrix found that 62 per cent of businesses have integrated mobile solutions into their workplace strategy, while 91 per cent plan to do so in the future.

By adopting a more mobile app-driven workplace—whether to improve your travel, expense and invoice management systems, or otherwise—you can guarantee that your business will see these three big benefits:

1. Flexibility

The business world has moved beyond the hours of 9 to 5. Most companies have options for flexible work hours and arrangements, and many employees take advantage of working remotely or during hours they design themselves. Mobile solutions offer employees the flexibility to take on work responsibilities outside of traditional business hours, which further improves productivity.

In addition, enhanced mobility provides businesses with a sense of nimbleness that was once limited by desktop computers. They have the means to respond to issues or urgent requests at a moment’s notice, without having to step foot in the office.

At Concur, for example, we’ve seen firsthand how unpredictable business travel can be and how beneficial mobile solutions can be to solve challenges. Plans can change, meetings can be moved and priorities can be adjusted. Employees need accessible travel tools to adapt quickly and often on the fly. To this end, Concur’s mobile app allows business travelers to quickly book the flight, hotel or car they need to keep their journey moving.    

2. Productivity

With mobile solutions, you’re not anchored to your desk to get tasks done. You can simply take out a smartphone and in a couple of taps you can move on with the task at hand. In many cases, the user experience of mobile solutions provides a more intuitive and simplified version of tasks normally done on desktop applications. Using mobile apps in this way will not only increase efficiency, but save businesses money long term.

A mobile approach to business not only helps the individual employee be productive, but it helps the whole organization be productive too. With mobile collaboration tools, distance is no longer a barrier to getting the job done. Team members can collaborate productively across regions whether during travel or as part of remote teams.

3. Accountability

The flexibility and productivity that mobile solutions provide ultimately improve the ability of companies to stay accountable to their business and financial obligations. Having a convenient way to stay on top of workplace tasks ensures employees can actually do them more consistently and accurately. From the travel and expense perspective, it means that employees can more effectively keep track of their expenses and avoid the guess work. For CFOs, it means maintaining accountability over their businesses’ budgets.

The shift to a mobile-driven workplace is a major component of the larger digital transformation that businesses in all fields are witnessing. Businesses need to take a serious look at their business strategy and see where mobile solutions can fit in to improve operations now and in the future.

By Brian Veloso, Director, SMB, Concur Canada.

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