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[24]7 enhances customer engagement with new IVR

[24]7 enhances customer engagement with new IVR 

The latest version of the cloud-based [24]7 Speech self-service interactive voice response (IVR) software is designed to anticipate caller intent via the use of omnichannel data. Using a combination of natural language and predictions, the IVR system helps customers find what they are looking for.

“Every touch point is an opportunity to engage the customer and the IVR is no different. [24]7 Speech embraces the digitization that the smartphone offers, enabling the enterprise to craft a compelling customer experience,” P.V. Kannan, co-founder and CEO of [24]7 said in a press release. “All companies need to be digitizing their channels and this is the way to digitize the IVR.”

Through its use of visual content, [24]7 Speech provides businesses with direct links to conversation experiences, and the ability to schedule call-backs. The IVR software also allows chat invitation messages to be transmitted to smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

The new software is available on a cloud-based platform that has web, mobile, voice-operated and chat engagement capabilities, or as a standalone cloud-based IVR.

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