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Cisco introduces new network security offering

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Cisco has announced a new security solution designed to protect against attacks in customers' extended networks by harnessing predictive analytics.

Using Hadoop 2.0, Managed Threat Defense can identify anomalous behaviours by comparing activity patterns against the customer’s unique network profile.

It also protects against unknown attacks that even anti-virus applications can’t detect by capturing real-time streaming telemetry.

The product also includes technologies such as Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection, Sourcefire FirePOWER, and Cisco Cloud Web Security.

Staff at Cisco’s security operations centres (SOCs) monitor the service and provide reports that include information such as incident response analysis, escalation, and remediation recommendations. The tech giant suggests that this type of external help will be invaluable to businesses at a time when the world is facing a shortage of security professionals.

"As data continues to move to the cloud, more people are accessing data via mobile devices, in addition to sharing data through social channels. Consequently, security has become our customers' number one concern," said Bryan Palma, SVP, Cisco Security Solutions. "Managed Threat Defense lessens the worry associated with protecting against a breach and allows Cisco and its partners to add value where customers need it most."

Managed Threat Defense is currently available directly through Cisco, or from its partners through the Cisco Service Partner Program.

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